W9RPM Did It — John Wins WIVUCH Plaque #1.

   On 144.215 MHz this morning, a little before 10am local time, W9RPM completed a 21-month quest to work all 72 Wisconsin counties on the VHF/UHF bands of 50 MHz and up.   In W9RPM’s case, he worked all 72 WI counties on 2m.  The final contact was made with W9GA, who traveled to Green Lake county, put up  a 9-el yagi and used 50 watts.  
   What a day for W9RPM!  John is 110% deserving of this award.  He worked very hard to make it happen, and in the process, helped raise visibility for the “weak-signal” side of V/UHF.  (Weak-signal meaning SSB/CW contacts, with a slant toward DX — working well beyond line-of-sight — on bands like 6m, 2m and 70cm.) 

   Who will attain WIVUCH #2?  W9RPM is already sponsoring the plaque that will go to the 2nd winner.   WV9E has offered to sponsor the 3rd plaque, if/when that day comes. 

   All the details about WIVUCH are at www.wivuch.com.  It’s a very nice website with plenty of graphics.  As such, you know I didn’t design it, LOL!!  The credit for the WIVUCH website goes to W9FZ.   Visit the WIVUCH website and you can see sample certificates there, plus various WI county maps you can use.  All the rules are explained there, too. 

   Licensed hams everywhere are eligible to work toward their WIVUCH award — out-of-state hams are welcome.      
   Rovers/hilltopper/portable stations need to activate at least 10 WI counties to get their initial certificate.  Fixed stations need 20.  Additional endorsements are available in 10-county increments.  Contacts made on/after Jan 1, 2010 are eligible.

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