WD9BGA 144.298 Beacon is back ON from EN53ba

   Received good news via email this morning.  It said, “After a very long hiatus, the WD9BGA 2 meter beacon is back on the air.”   So I went out to the shed at midday and indeed, the beacon is back on the air.  Sounds good!  If the beacon is still at its previous location, it would be EN53ba, about an hour WSW of Madison, WI.   This was a very high spot, and this beacon got out very well. 
   I’ve lost track of how many VHF’ers have asked me (from all over the Midwest) if/when the beacon would be back on.   So “thank you, Karl”, from hundreds of us.  

   Been a long time since I’ve put up a link to beacon listings…
   http://www.newsvhf.com/beacons2.html   That’s for 144 and higher.  
   For 6 meters, use:  http://www.keele.ac.uk/depts/por/50.htm

    In fact, that www.newsvhf.com is a good link for V/UHF in general.   Lots of info in there.

    Don’t be discouraged if a beacon you see listed isn’t audible.  Beacon lists are hard to keep 100% up to date.  If you have info about a new beacon, or can confirm a particular beacon is now off the air, make a comment here and let everyone know.  EDIT — Sept 29th — IN FACT, I’D APPRECIATE IT IF GUYS WITHIN SEVERAL HUNDRED MILES OF WI would share what beacons they can regularly hear on 50, 144 MHz and on up the bands.  Ian K8MM has started things by reporting on a 144.273.8 beacon he hears from EN93.  Anyone else want to keep this thread going?

2 Responses to “WD9BGA 144.298 Beacon is back ON from EN53ba”

  1. kc9bqa Says:

    Ian K8MM in EN83 sent a beacon-related comment on Sept. 29th, 2011 to a post I made way back in Nov. 2009. I’m reposting Ian’s comment to this more current thread. If others want to share what beacons they actually hear, this is the place.
    73, Todd KC9BQA

    Ian K8MM says,
    “Since you asked…
    On 2m, the only beacon I can hear from EN83fa is the VE3DDW/B in EN93vu on 144.273.8 MHz.”

    Thanks Ian for your beacon comment. It’s fine if others chime in here, and yes, beacons on 6, 144 and higher bands are all fair game.

  2. Ian - K8MM Says:

    The VE3DDW/B on 144.273.6 is reporting that it has increased its power from 5W to 20W. It has been 100% copy here the last couple hours at the new power level. Before it would be at 50%-60% copy on the average night without an enhancement.