Both 144.240 and 144.250 Nets are ON This Wed. *REMEMBER* 144.240 Net now Starts at 7pm Central, until next Spring.

   Far as I know, both long-range nets will be ON tomorrow night.  Please remember that the 144.240 net is now on winter hours, which means a 7pm central/8pm eastern start time.  This will continue until next spring.   WB9LYH EN54cl, in central WI is net control.   
   The 144.250 net is called by K8TQK in EM89je, south-central OH.  Bob’s net will continue with the 8:30pm eastern/7:30pm central start time. 
   Both net controls start out looking N or NE, and then go clockwise a full 360 over the next 60-90 minutes.  Both net controls have very big signals and enjoy working DX.  The goal with our nets is to get guys involved in a multi-multi-state area.  Please help us spread the word and give us a little bit of your time on Wed. nights when it’s convenient. 

   Tomorrow night, it will be windy and rainy in much of the eastern portions.  A big low pressure system is moving up from the south, into the IN/OH/MI region.  If it were a month later, we’d probably be talking snow in some places.  Plan for the nets to be on, unless I hear something from either WB9LYH or K8TQK tomorrow afternoon.   If I need to update, I’ll do it in this post.

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