Fall Microwave Sprint This Saturday — 7am-1pm in your Local Time Zone. Distance-Based Scoring Will Be Used.

   The good thing about the weather in the Midwest is that it’s forecast to be much nicer by the weekend.   

   If you have bands like 902/903, 1296, 2304, 3456, 5760 MHz, or 10 GHz, or higher, you’re in luck.  The Fall Microwave Sprint is this Saturday morning, Oct 22nd.  Runs from 7am-1pm in your local time zone. 
   If you need more info, it’s at the sponsor’s website — www.svhfs.org
   Help spread the word in your area to get on the microwaves Saturday morning. 

  ** OH YES — this microwave sprint will have DISTANCE-BASED SCORING.  You’ll need to know your 6-digit grid. **

   The 6m (50 MHz) Fall Sprint will be on Saturday night, Oct. 29th, from 2300Z-0300Z.  This is 6pm-10pm in the central time zone.  The reason UTC time is used in the 6m sprints is so that everyone is on at the same time, in case we get a DX opening.

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