Remember — 6M Fall Sprint is This Sat. Evening

   Make sure to get on 6m with whatever you have Saturday night, in the fall sprint.  The 6m sprint will run for 4 hours, from 2300Z-0300Z, or 6pm-10pm in the central time zone. 
   Don’t fall into the trap of thinking if 6 isn’t open with sporadic E skip, it’s not worth playing along.  If you have at least a modest beam and 50-100w output power, you should be making contacts out to 100-250 miles, via normal groundwave propagation.   Hope we have a good turnout Sat. night — right now it looks like I should be on. 
    More info about all the fall sprints is available at the sponsor’s website —  
    After this sprint, the next organized V/UHF contest will be on the weekend of Jan 21-22, 2012.  That’s the ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes.  All bands from 50 MHz on up are in play for that one.   More info is available here:

    Have no idea what a V/UHF contest is all about?  Neither did I, 9 years ago.  Within a year — by late 2003 — I was hooked.  I love the contests because they are the single time I can count on widespread activity. 
    If you want to learn more about V/UHF contesting, I’ll steer you toward a series of articles I’ve written called VHF Contesting School.  The link to those articles is at:   You are free to share that info with hams everywhere.   Those articles break things down into bite-sized pieces.  If you take some time to absorb what I’m saying, you’ll feel comfortable sitting at the rig and calling “CQ Contest”.

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