Reminder To Myself — Follow up With More Historical-Type Posts

   A few posts down this “front” page, I wrote about the history of the 2m SSB nets I’ve promoted on Wednesdays since July 2008.  It’s the October 20th post.  I want to continue in that vein later this week or weekend.  Talk about the various pushes over the years. 
   1)  The FM Simplex Nets on Thursday.
   2)  222 Tuesdays.   
   3)  WIVUCH (WI VHF/UHF County Hunters Award — website is
   4)  The development of a 144 MHz and higher chat room for IARU Region 2 ops at
   5)  This website, which came online on April 1, 2009. 
   6)  Efforts to promote VHF/UHF Contesting in and near WI.  
   7)  The future of 

   If you’re the type who likes a sense of how things have evolved, make sure to visit this website frequently over the next week or two.   There should be plenty of new posts.

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