KA1ZE Hosts Activity Every Morning on 144.205 MHz. 7 Days/Week @1300Z

   I wrote about this a lot last spring (2011).  I will have some links to detailed info below, for those who like that.

   If you prefer short stories, here goes:  KA1ZE has a  big station up high in FN01xt, Northern PA.  He gets on 144.205 every morning at 6-7am central/7-8am eastern and starts calling around the compass.  (emphasizes N and E first, then S and W about a half hour later)   He raises guys from multiple states and grids, with a goal of having stations in a very wide circle trying to work each other, not just net control.   So just because you’re 400, 500, 600 miles away from FN01, don’t assume you won’t hear anything on 144.205.  There’s a variety of stations on, looking around, trying to find others to work.  It’s a great concept, and you should check it out when you have time.   EDIT — Late Dec. 2011 — the activity keeps expanding.  Now they have reach to the Mississippi river many days, and with digital modes, the entire USA and Canada is a potential target.  By this time, they use different freqs. for different purposes.  This is one group where it pays to be connected, to stay on top of every development.   The ways to get connected are explained below. 
    I’ve emailed back and forth with KA1ZE about this idea for a year now, and I know he wants widespread participation.  He’s specifically asked me (and others) to spread the word everywhere.  

    If you want more info, there are 3 options I recommend.
    1)  This 144.205 morning group uses the ON4KST.com chat.  It’s useful for getting a feel of what’s going on, plus posting who all is working who.  The ON4KST.com chat room you want is the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz.  It’s free, no B.S, and available anytime day or night.  Nearly 2600 VHF’ers in the USA and Canada have registered in the year and a half the chat has been open.  The 7 simple steps for getting signed up and trying out the chat are available at:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072 
   If you have internet and a computer near your rigs, I bet you will enjoy the ham chats at www.on4kst.com.  

   2)  KA1ZE encourages VHF’ers to email him for more info.  He’ll probably sign you up for a daily rundown of the 144.205 activity.   His email addy is stanka1ze (at) aol.com.  (For those who don’t know yet, a lot of folks use ((at)) instead of the @ sign that’s required in your email program.  This is to avoid having spammers or spam robots capture email addresses in print at public websites like mine.   But when you email someone like KA1ZE, you would use the @ sign in the email address.)   

   3)  Stan has also apparently set up a Twitter group.  For those who Twitter, the name is “205MorningGroup”.  You can follow along that way, if you want. 

   For those who are obsessive like me, here’s three detailed posts I made about this activity last spring.  You can go here for fuller descriptions of how 144.205 daily activity works.  Some of this includes explanations from KA1ZE himself and it’s interesting stuff. 
http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4119   (Feb 4, 2011)
http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4236   (Feb 28, 2011)
http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4582  (Apr 20, 2011)

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