The 144.205 Morning Group Keeps Getting Better — 7 Days a Week

  Want everyone to know about the single-most exciting thing happening on 2m SSB/CW/Digi.  It’s on/near 144.205 7 mornings each week, from roughly 1130-1200Z to 1400-1500Z, give or take, depending on activity levels.   
   The 144.205 (and nearby) morning group, hosted by KA1ZE/3 and made better with a group of dozens, stretches all across the Eastern USA.   Now it has expanded westward most mornings to the Mississippi river and in a few cases, using digital modes, they are working stations even farther west.  This net/activity really has no limits.  I read KA1ZE’s daily email reports and he truly is interested in developing activity across the entire USA and Canada.   You can help by spreading the word everywhere. 

   This activity group is so good, you have to read more about it in a separate post —  That post has everything you need to know.  Get familiar with the .205 morning group and get involved.  They’re a friendly group that is always looking to expand.
   If you have questions, or want to observe what they do, follow them in the chat room.  They use the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz every single morning, from about 1130–1230Z for at least the next hour or two, sometimes longer.   You could ask questions of them directly in the chat, or ask one of their stations to turn your way to pick you up.  That’s how they keep expanding the activity– by being friendly and available.  The 7 simple steps for getting signed up to the free, no B.S. ham chat rooms at are here:
   Or if you are on Twitter, then go to “205MorningGroup”. 

   Stan will also add you to an email list, click on that link with the number “5505” 3 paragraphs above for the full details.

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