Net Reports — K8TQK was Off; KC9BQA Had 15 Check-Ins

  2pm Thursday
   IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR INFO ABOUT THE ARRL JAN VHF/UHF SWEEPSTAKES (Jan 21-22), SCROLL DOWN TO THE JAN 3 POST.  Everything you want is there.  Hope to hear you on the air in the contest. 

  Back to the net report from last night —
  K8TQK wants everyone to know he’s sorry he was unable to call the 144.250 net last night at 0130Z.  He was called away, but Bob plans on being right back at it, next Wed. 
   I had an interesting net with 15 check-ins.  I say interesting because we had a very sharp cold front dividing the area.  If you were west of a line from western Upper MI down thru southwest WI to central MO, you had blustery NW winds, sinking temperatures and in many cases, snow.  East of this line, we were still peaceful and mild.  Mon., Tues. and Wed. were all sunny and high 40’s or low 50’s in most of WI, which is more like early April weather.  It’s been wonderful. 
   Because of this front, I figured there might be some areas of enhancement, which I didn’t personally notice.  What *did* surprise me was how good signals were from MN, which was clearly behind the cold front.   K0SIX was actually an S-unit or two better than normal. 

   The check-ins last night were:  N9OLT EN64;  W8MIL EN74;  KR8T EN72;  WD8USA EN73;  N8WNA EN82;  W8BYA EN70;  N8ZRD EM79;  K9CCL and WB9WOZ EN61;  WE9K EN62;  WB9TFH and KC9GMF EN53;  KA0KYZ EN33;  WB9LYH EN54 and K0SIX EN35. 
   N8ZRD was a new check-in to the net.  We had to work a little for the Q, but once I figured out exactly where he was, no problem.  Nice to hear from SW OH on a 315 mile path.  Welcome and thanks for making the trip. 

   I did talk with WB9LYH last night and Mark confirms that he will be back at the mic with the 144.240 net, starting next Wed., Jan 18th.  He’s right in the middle of WI, grid square EN54cl, with a big, big signal.  Loves DX, too, so make sure you give it a try, even if you are 300, 400, 500 miles away. 
    The real-time chat room (talking the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz) was alive and useful last night.  Had a few dozen VHF’ers from different grids and states monitoring in real-time, and using the chat to help make contacts with their radios.   There are now over 2700 VHF’ers from USA and Canada registered, and the chat is getting plenty of use every day — mostly in the mornings and evenings.   If you want to check out this free, no B.S. chat, here are the 7 simple steps to get registered:

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