WB9LYH and K8TQK Take the 144.240 and 144.250 Nets This Wed.

   6:30 am Tuesday —

   It’s back to our regular schedule with the long-range Midwest nets this Wednesday evening.  You have WB9LYH taking the 144.240 net control at 0100Z/7pm central/8pm eastern.  Mark is located in EN54cl, right in the middle of WI.  He starts by looking NE into the U.P of MI and then calls CQ as he slowly nudges his beams clockwise, or E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N at the end.  His nets tend to run about 60-75 minutes, give or take activity levels.  
   K8TQK calls the 144.250 net at 0130Z/8:30pm eastern.  Bob is located in EM89je, far south-central OH.  He starts by looking N, then goes clockwise over the next 60 minutes or so. 
   Both these net controls have very strong signals and can get out 300-500 miles.  We always ask for and enjoy DX check-ins.  Help us spread the word in a wide circle of the Eastern 1/2 of the USA.  
   If you need more info about these nets, some helpful hints are here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5573.

   If you have internet and a computer near your rigs, consider using the free, no B.S. V/UHF chat room at www.on4kst.com.  Nearly 3000 USA and Canadian hams have registered and are enjoying this resource.  Full info is in the bottom paragraph of the post right below this one.

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