This Wed’s Nets — 144.240 KC9BQA and 144.250 K8TQK EDIT — 8am Tuesday — K8TQK Will be OFF For Some Time With a Bad Rotor

   Great weather is back in the Upper Midwest.  We’re expecting highs well above freezing the rest of the week. 
   This Wed. I take the 144.240 net for WB9LYH.  I start out at 0100Z/7pm central by looking north, then swing slowly clockwise over the next hour and a half.   I’m located 40 miles north of Milwaukee, grid square EN63ao.  
   The 144.250 net is hosted by K8TQK, in EM89je, far south-central OH.  Bob starts at 0130Z/8:30pm eastern.  He also starts out looking north, then swings clockwise over the next hour. 

   EDIT — 8am Tues. Morning — Just received email from K8TQK.  He says he will be down with a bad rotor for a while and will advise when it’s fixed.  So the K8TQK 144.250 net is OFF this Wed.

   These nets are informal, the only purpose is to stir up more activity on 2m SSB.  We encourage DX check-ins, so thanks for helping us spread the word over a wide portion of the eastern half of USA and southern Canada. 
   We also encourage stations to help promote the overall health of the band by not just saying hello to net control for a few minutes, but by also tuning down the band and calling their own CQ’s, in various directions.  When we have a band full of signals in different grids and states, that’s when we’ve accomplished something important.  
   I haven’t shared the link to other nets in several weeks.  Click here for a detailed listing of other nets in a wide area surrounding WI.

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