Feb. 15, 2012 Net Reports — KC9BQA Has 14 Check-Ins and K8GDT Has 7

  10:30pm Wed.

  I thought conditions to the east and southeast tonight were not-so-great.  Plus the band was just generally noisy.  W9WZJ in Indy was pretty loud, though.  Had a good group to the east; hope I didn’t miss anyone.   Hard to say what conditions were like to the S thru W, as nobody was on from IL, MO or IA.  I was pleasantly surprised with conditions to the NW.  K0SIX and N9KOR were above normal. 
   My check-ins tonight were:  N9OLT EN64;  N8WNA EN82;  K8GDT EN91;  KD8IME and WD9DSN EN71;  WB8AUK EN80 — first time checking into this net — welcome Dave.  Continuing… WE9K and N9NDP EN62;  W9WZJ EM69;  KC9CLM EN52;  KY9E and WB9TFH EN53;  K0SIX EN35 and N9KOR EN44. 

   K8GDT had 7 check-ins:  WB8AUK EN80;  N8WNA and K8JA EN82;  KD8IME EN71;  NF8O and KD8FHY EN91 and KB8DNA EN81. 

   On Feb. 22nd we’ll have WB9LYH on 144.240 at 0100Z, from EN54cl, middle of WI. 
   K8GDT will again take the 144.250 net from EN91bf, just a bit south of Cleveland, at 0130Z.  
   If there are any changes, I will post the info here.

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