222 MHz Sprint is Tuesday, April 17. (432 MHz is on Wed., April 25)

6pm Monday —

222 MHz is a great band.  Propagation-wise, it’s usually a few S-units louder than 2m, plus it tends to have lower noise, and the beamwidths with high-gain yagis aren’t quite as sharp as they get on 432 and higher bands.   In fact, 222 is my favorite V/UHF band, aside from 6 meters.  I wish every VHF’er would get on 222.
What are the drawbacks to 222?  It’s not easy to find the gear to get on the SSB/CW side, where the DX can be found.  There are precious few commercially available rigs for 222 MHz SSB/CW.  Most ops use transverters, such as those from DEMI (DownEast Microwave) and other manufacturers.   Use Google and do some digging for 222 MHz transverters.
A commercially-available option is the vintage Yaesu FT-736R or FT-726R’s  (You have to make sure those rigs have the optional 222 band module installed).  I use a 736R and have been pleased.  (I can tell you the pair of 16 element yagis up 105′ makes way more difference than the rig, though!)  Icom made the single-band 375H and 375A rigs for a time, but those are extremely scarce and have become crazy expensive, if you somehow find one.   Getting back to transverters, purists will tell you that transverters have more sensitivity and they’re right.  You decide which way to go.
The main message is that most avid V/UHF’ers tend to get gear for 222.  There can be decent activity in contests or major band openings.  In a few parts of the country, there’s activity on/near the call frequency of 222.100 on Tuesday nights.  Back 20-30 years ago, VHF’ers had an informal protocol.  Monday was 2m night, Tuesday was for 222 and Wednesday was for 432.  The spring and fall sprints still follow that tradition.
I sure hope to be on 222 tomorrow night.  I see no conflicts right now, weather or otherwise.  The sprint runs from 7-11pm in your local time zone.
Please help spread the word about the Spring VHF Sprints.    For a complete schedule, full rules and a link to the sponsor’s website, go here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5754

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