432 Sprint Report 19 Q’s and Tough Conditions

   7:00am Thur. 

   “Propagation was sooooo bad last night.”  
   “How bad was it?”  

   Don’t know if any of you remember the old Match Game daytime game show.  I admit to always getting a laugh out of that, when I was home sick from school in the 70’s.  Go Gene Rayburn and Richard Dawson.  🙂   

    This was an interesting sprint.  Many came out to play.  The ON4KST.com chat was full of stations that were active, and this really helped pass the time.  (I have to remind myself sometime to talk about how using this chat in the ARRL multi-band contests is a no-no.)  I was very glad for the strong activity levels, because especially off to our east, band conditions were just dismal.  At first, I thought my 432 had seriously degraded over the winter.  But the longer I kept at it, and the more I read other guys’ comments in the chat, I realized this was just a night with stinko prop.  Which is especially tough on 432, because the antennas are pointy to begin with.  
     Here’s my 19 contacts.  I can think of at least 3-7 contacts I missed, so honestly, I could have equaled my total from last week on 222.  Oh yeah, guess I didn’t mention this but on 222 I have a pair of 16 el K1FO’s up 110′ and 100w.  On 432, it’s a pair of 25 el K1FO’s up 110′ and 100w.  

N9DG          EN53bj
W9GA         EN53we
WB0YWW   EN22uk
WV9E         EN43jv
K9JK/R        EN61ax
W9SZ/P      EN50xf
K0NY         EN44db
WB9TFH     EN53xa
KY9E          EN53vd
K9EA          EN71le
N8DJB        EN81fj
NE8I/R       EN73ra
K8JA          EN82ln
W8BYA      EN70jt
K9MRI        EN70tu
K9JK/R       EN51xx
K9JK/R       EN52xa
W9RM        EN52rb
N9LB         EN52hv

     Apologies to missing KO9A, K8GDT, K8TQK, K8MM, W9WZJ and probably a few others I’m not remembering right now. 

     As you can tell by the log, I spent lots of time at the start looking SW, W and NW.  Conditions in that direction were definitely somewhat better.  Not great, but better than the crud to the east.  Once I was reasonably convinced I’d worked everyone out west that was on, I spent more time looking east, because that’s where the activity really was.  By 9:30-9:45, I was getting tired, so I called it a night.  In this sprint, there was good activity even up to the 11pm closing bell in the eastern time zone.  

    Remember that there are two Spring Sprints left. 
   1)  Microwave is on Sat. morning, May 5th, from 6am-1pm in your local time zone.  All bands 900 MHz and above are in play and many use 144.260 in this part of the world to help liasion/coordinate.   If there are other liasion freqs. that I don’t know about, someone please advise. 
   2)  6m or 50 MHz sprint on Sat. evening, May 12th, from 2300Z until 0300Z on Sun. May 13th.  This means 6-10pm in the central time zone.  The reason UTC time is used in only the 6m sprint is to get everyone across the country all on at the same time.  There’s a good chance for sporadic E skip openings on 6m in May, which would mean DX.   Even if the band doesn’t open up to others parts of the US, you should still get on, and make plenty of “groundwave” contacts out to 100, 200, 300 miles on 6. 

   Click here http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5754 for the post with all the sprints info, including a link to the sponsor’s website and full rules.

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