AM Mode Nets I’ve Just Learned About

9pm Thursday —
I’m just the messenger here.  All I know about AM mode is that I listen to the Brewers, Packers, Bucks and Badgers on AM radios.  🙂
All the same, if this info helps some hams have more fun on VHF, then it’s a good thing.

KC9CUK would like hams to know about the brand-new “2M AM Nostalgia Net”.  The net is called every Tuesday at 7PM central, on 144.950.  Yes, 144.950.
KC9CUK’s location is EN52qh, Marengo, IL.  This is a good hour NW of Chicago.  The antenna is a vertical up 113′.  I have no idea how far AM gets out, but they did have 13 check-ins Tuesday night.

When I was talking about this AM net last night, I learned about another AM option on 2m.  This one is more informal.  You want to tune to 144.120 (yes, 144.120) and look toward the Williams Bay, WI area starting about 8pm central.  This is about an hour SW of Milwaukee.   More often than not, K9KEU in EN52ro is the net control and he says,  “I am on probably 4 nights a week.  I call CQ at 8:00pm and hang round till about 8:30 if no activity.  Maybe 3 nights per week get a qso or roundtable.  If interested stations contact me, I will be sure to point the beam in their direction for a CQ.  Right now we have stations in Whitewater and the Madison area that are active.  Also N9RK in Delavan.  With the distribution of stations I sometimes get lazy and just leave my beam northwest.  It seems like my AM range is 50-60 miles.”

Again, I’m just the messenger here.  If AM mode interests you, here’s two options.   Any questions, contact the net controls; I’m sure they’d be happy to help.

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