April 11th Net Reports KC9BQA 14 Check-Ins and K8TQK 13

   6:45 am Thur.

   Last night was the start of our “summer hours” with the 144.240 net out of WI.   We now start at 0100Z/8pm central until at least October.  This only affects the 144.240 net. 
   Would also like everyone to know that WB9LYH should be back at the mic for April 18th and beyond.  Mark is in EN54cl, right in the geographcial center of WI.  Stacked 17B2’s and 500w from a ridgetop location.   I’ve got a decent station and Mark works at least 100-150 miles farther than I usually can.  Hearing WB9LYH copy stations better than I could was part of the reason why he evolved into the 144.240 net control, back a few years ago.  Very grateful for stations like his and K8TQK’s helping to expand our reach.   Remember that both our net controls enjoy DX check-ins and exploring the propagation limits. 

     K8TQK in EM89je has now been on 144.252 for about 3-4 weeks, due to a noise problem right on .250.  Bob’s start time is 0030Z/8:30pm eastern. 
    Last night, K8TQK’s 13 check-ins were:  KD8ORN, KC8QDQ, KD8DJE and W8WG EM89;  NF8O and K8GDT EN91;  K4XXX EM97;  N1GC EM95;  WB8AUK EN80;  K9LQZ EM68;  WA4REE EM65;  KD8PA EN72 and KC9CLM EN52. 

    I had the 144.240 net last night and my 14 check-ins were:  KD8PA EN72;  W8MIL EN74;  K8GDT EN91;  WB8AUK EN80;  KC8ZJL EN71;  N9OLT EN64;  N9NDP EN62;  N9TF and KC9CLM EN52;  K9CCL EN61;  KY9E, WB9TFH and KC9GMF EN53 and K0SIX EN35.  Conditions were OK, and maybe improved a little bit toward the end.  K0SIX in EN35 was up to S5 at times. 

    I hope to have a few other posts later today or tomorrow.  Here’s my quick topic list.
  1)  Discuss the 2m sprint and look ahead to the 222 sprint on Tues. April 17th and the 432 sprint on Wed. April 25th.  Refer readers to the March 20th post here for full sprint details. 
  2)  Continue to refer readers to KA1ZE’s daily VHF/UHF emails.  By now this has evolved into a mini-magazine, 7 days a week.  Truly an amazing effort, a real must-see.  His archived newsletters are now directly available at www.ka1ze.com   The past two days have had many sprint reports from all across the country.  Remember it’s not just about reading about VHF, it’s about getting on the air.  Remind folks of the 144.205 morning group, which by now has spread to all parts of the USA. 
   3)  Put up some sort of early summer contest calendar.  June and Sept. ARRL (all-bands 50 MHz and up).  July CQ WW VHF (50 and 144 MHz only), and Aug. UHF  (all bands 222 MHz and higher)
   4)  Mention a few AM mode nets on 144 MHz that I’ve recently learned about.

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