KC9BQA 222 Spring Sprint Report — 25 Q’s in 17 Grids

5:45pm Wed.
Want to get this fun sprint report posted before I have to run.
Remember that both the 144.240 and 144.252 nets are OFF tonight.  K8TQK’s away, WB9LYH has a balky rotor and I won’t be around.

Last night’s 222 Sprint had great activity from MI and OH.  I was honestly busy to my east for an hour and a half straight.  It wasn’t that conditions were anything special; but there sure were a lot of stations on, including several I can’t recall ever working in any contest, going back to when I got on the air in late 2003/early 2004.
In WI and NE ILL, there were also about 10 stations on.
I concentrated on the SW, W, and NW after 8:30pm.  Called CQ frequently, and heard nobody.  Farthest west I got was middle of WI.  N0AKC was CQ’ing from EN44 and quite loud, but he didn’t hear us.  By 9:30, my eyes were closing and I called it a night.  I seldom work more than 2-3 new contacts in the last hour of sprints.

Here’s my log.  I don’t have mileages; suppose I could look them up manually on qrz.com sometime.
W9RM          0005       EN52rb
K9JK/R        0006       EN52xa
WB8BZK/R  0008       EN62ad
KO9A            0009       EN52xc
N9LB            0012        EN52hv
ND9Z            0015        EN54ug
N8PUM        0020       EN66dl
W9GA           0025        EN53we
N8DJB          0037       EN81fj
VE3ZV           0044       EN92vw
K8MM           0045       EN83
KF8QL          0046        EN72fu
N9DG            0048       EN53bj
K9TM            0049       EN81dr
K8GDT         0054        EN91bf
K8DIO          0059        EN91gf
WB8AUK     0100        EN80or
W8MIL         0101        EN74ic
WD8USA      0112        EN73
K8MD           0114         EN82bq
N8IEZ           0115         EN82mm
N9YK             0117        EN71no
K9JK/R        0122        EN51xx
WB8BZK/R  0131        EN52xc
KB0PE           0144       EM48ts

Some pleasant surprises — KB0PE was whisper quiet from EM48 St. Louis area.  Made the Q because my 222 is so wonderfully quiet.  Also VE3ZV from EN92 and N8PUM from up in EN66.  At one time, I heard no less than 7 different stations off to my east on/near 222.100.  It wasn’t that conditions were that special, most of the stations were quiet.  But boy is it fun to know there’s that much interest.
Missed connections… heard WA8RJF and NE8I/R multiple times but couldn’t get thru.  N0AKC must not have been hearing very well.  Later learned NG9R was on from EN40, with low antenna, low power and CW.  Would have liked to work Danny.   W9SZ got on late, as he usually does.  He drives to a high spot in central IL (EN50) and ops /P.   Afraid Zach missed most of the party last night — it got very slow after 9-9:30pm central time.

The 432 MHz sprint is next Wed. night, from 7-11pm again.  I expect to be on, and I hope each of you will get on, too.  Please remember that V/UHF contests are way more casual and friendly than what you might hear on HF.  I’d say the #1 misconception most hams have is that you somehow have to be an “expert” or “big gun” to participate in a contest.  NONSENSE.  Come as you are, and help us out.  Most V/U contests (at least in the Midwest) have plenty of room on the band for you to operate.
Microwave sprint (900 MHz and higher) is Sat. morning, May 5th, 6am-1pm.
6 Meter sprint (50 MHz) is Sat. evening, May 12th, from 2300Z-0300Z.  Or 6-10pm in central time zone.  Pray for sporadic Eskip.   At the same time, realize that you can make groundwave contacts out to  several hundred miles on 6 meters, just like we do on 144 MHz, even if there’s no skip or band enhancement.  (yes, longer yagis higher up do best).   So I hope many get on for the 6m sprint, regardless of whether the band is “hot” or not.
Full sprint rules and a link to the sponsor’s website is here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5754

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