Update on Wed. Nets. Both nets will be OFF Wed. April 18th

   9:30pm Monday  — 
  We had some very gusty winds all day in the Upper Midwest.  WB9LYH has just emailed me to say that something’s wrong with his rotor and it will only go about 1/4 turn.  He hopes to be able to fix it this weekend, but he will be OFF the air this Wed.   I would take the net but I have other plans.   No 144.240 net Wed. night, April 18th. 
   As mentioned two posts below, K8TQK will be gone for a few days so his 144.252 net will also be OFF this Wed.
   K8TQK emailed to say he looks forward to operating both his 144.252 net and the 432 MHz Spring Sprint on Wed., Apr. 25th.  Plan on that.

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