144.205 Morning Group, Every Morning. Read Below and Get Involved.

This post was originally made on July 30, 2012
I’ve promoted the (144).205MorningGroup many times at kc9bqa.com.   Happy to do it again.  This is the single-best thing going on 2m SSB in the USA/Canada.

EDIT — January 15, 2015
The 144.205 Morning Group is back on the air with strong activity levels.  Looks like they’ve been active again since late summer of 2014.  You can go here:  http://205morningreport.com/ to read more info or better yet, get on the ON4KST.com ham chat (talking the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz) any morning and watch the action for yourself.  The 7 simple steps for getting signed up to the free, no B.S. ham chat rooms at on4kst.com are here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072

Help spread the word about the 205MorningGroup and get on board.  “Raise your hand” in the chat to get some of the guys out east to look toward the Midwest.  They’re always looking for more activity, so jump on in.   The 205MorningGroup participation has been strongest in the Eastern Great Lakes, Northeast, VE-3, Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley but THERE IS NO REASON THIS ACTIVITY CAN’T SPREAD ACROSS THE COUNTRY.  All it needs is some motivated guys who will get on several mornings a week and will help spread the word.  Everyone wants more signals on the air.  Take advantage of the opportunity.

This is not a directed net, with a set start or finish time.  This is more about just getting guys on/near 144.205 starting anytime after 6-7am, and calling around to see how many contacts they can make and how far they get out.  Many of the stations are using bands like 50, 222 and 432 MHz or even the microwave bands, as well.  Details about the .205 Morning Group are at  http://205morningreport.com/   Stan’s website is fantastic.  So much info there, it’s a Must Visit.

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