Don’t Forget About 222 Tuesdays + Link to Rocky Mountain VHF Website

   7:15am Tuesday —

   Long-time readers here will remember when we were trying to make 222 Tuesday a nationwide deal, both in the USA and adjacent portions of Canada.   While that never quite caught on (long-term), there are still regional pockets of 222 Tuesday activity worth pursuing.  
   Tonight and every Tuesday, for instance, you have 222.100 SSB  (CW, too, if you’re so inclined) activity out of MI and OH.  Some of the consistent players for years now are N8WNA EN82; K8GDT EN91 and K8TQK EM89.  K8MM EN83 also has been getting on.  This activity starts about 7pm central/8pm eastern and goes for 2 hours, give or take.   If you are within 100-500 miles of any of these stations, get on and make yourself heard.  It may help if you use the chat (IARU Region 2 Room — details are 2 posts below this one, in an Aug. 10, 2012 post) to let the others know you are on 222.100 MHz.   I know they would be glad for new voices and to see the activity keep expanding. 
   Other pockets of 222 Tuesday I keep hearing about… TX area, headed up by W5LUA.  Says between 7-8pm.  Al also says he and WB5AFY get on 222.100 about 7:30am and take a look around, checking morning conditions. 
   Plus I hear about renewed 222.100 Tuesday interest out of Central FL, starting about 7pm local time. 
   Also the Rocky Mountain VHF Group has a Tuesday net at 8pm mountain time, centered on DN70/DM78. 
   The RMVHF has active nets on multiple bands, on different nights.  This is out of the Denver area, with reach well into surrounding states.  Visit  In fact, that Rocky Mountain VHF website is well worth spending some time at.  Looks freshly updated, too.

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