N0PB 144.250 Monday Night Net (EM39) is OFF for at least a few Weeks.

   7am Monday —
   Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  We had our 29th anniversary yesterday.  Had we gone away for a few nights, I could have guaranteed a whopper of a tropo opening.  (Inside joke, check the archives for what’s happened around Aug 15-20th, in previous years) 

   Speaking of archives, those who follow along here thru the months know that on Mondays, one of the best nets in the USA is on 144.250, courtesy of N0PB in EM39, North-central MO.  Been doing it for probably at least 10 years, starting at 7:45pm and going until about 9. 
   Phil has a great signal on 2m, and gets out a long ways.  But he’s going to be quiet for at least several weeks, according to an email I received overnight.  Phil’s fine; he just needs some time to get caught up with his workload.  A bad drought in his part of the world has made life complicated. 

    Sandy and I feel very blessed that we’ve had good rains the last 4 weeks or so.  Sandy’s an avid gardener and had a hose in her hands for countless hours thru June and July.  Our drought ended on July 25/26th, when we had 3″ of rain.  Since July 25th, I’ve measured 5.7″ of rain here, 40 miles north of Milwaukee.   From Memorial Day weekend until July 25th, we had only 2.06″ of rain, plus we had so many record hot days, once we got into late June thru mid-July. 
   I know others to the south and southwest have had it far worse.  
   http://water.weather.gov/precip/   That website has nothing to do with hamming.   It graphically depicts radar-estimated rainfall amounts over the USA.  Using the drop-down menus below the map gives you a variety of ways to show the data.  When I click on “the last 90 days” option under the “1. Timeframe” tab, I see there are still many areas of IL/MO/AR/KS/IA/IN that haven’t had 4″ of rain in the last 3 months.  Brutal.  And much of IN has been way worse off than that 90-day map depicts, because it’s only been recently they’ve gotten good rain.  Most of it has fallen too late to save crops.  Sure it’s the same way in parts of IA/IL/MO.  

    I’ll try to remember to put up a post when I get email from N0PB that the Monday SWOT net (stands for SideWindersOnTwo, see www.swotrc.net if you want more details) is back on.

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