Remember There’s Plenty of Activity on Thursdays

    6:15am Thursday —
   There’s a pair of 2m SSB nets on Thursday nights, plus a friendly FM simplex net to choose from.  
   Longest-running net is the Q5 net, called by N9JBW John from EN61, south side of Chicago.  It’s on 144.220 at 7pm central.  Believe they start out looking east and then go clockwise a full 360 from there.  This is a friendly, active net and thru the years, N9JBW has always let others know they are welcome to stop by and check it out.   The Q5 net now has a website at   Typing into my web browser got me there, also. 

    There’s also a net on 144.250 out of SE OH, grid square EM89ud on Thursdays at 8pm eastern.  Your net controls are AB8XG Kenny (primary) and KD8DJE Russell (backup).  

    If you’re within 100 miles or so of La Crosse, WI, grid square EN43, remember WV9E is in the 3rd year of his 146.460 net, at 8:30pm central time, every Thursday.  This net is on the simplex portion of the FM band.  No offsets or P/L’s.  All are welcome, and I’m sure they’d appreciate a DX-type checkin.  WV9E has been very proactive about getting more (non-repeater) V/UHF activity in/near the La Crosse area.  Dave also has a ham website at

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