While We’re Promoting Other Bands — N4PZ Monday 432.100 Activity Group

   **The Wed. Long-Range 2m SSB Net Info is two posts below**

   7:30am Tuesday —
   Should have made this post yesterday morning.  I’ve mentioned the 432.100 Monday evening activity before, but I know people are busy so here’s a fresh post.  Put this 432.100 Monday evening activity on your radio calendar.  All hams are welcome.  Pretty sure it starts at 8pm central time, and since 432 antennas can be pointy, I’d log into the ON4KST.com chat and make yourself known, so someone will point a yagi your way.    Or point at N4PZ in EN52gb, about 20-30 miles WSW of Rockford, IL, and wait patiently.  When N4PZ looks your way, you *will* know it. 
    This activity has been going on for several years and N4PZ and the group are always looking for more stations to work. 

    Here’s the net report from last night, in N4PZ’s own words, as submitted to the KA1ZE daily V/UHF newsletter (Which is published every single morning, and is viewable via the archives at www.ka1ze.com

   “Hi Stan
Here are the checkins for the N4PZ monday night 432.100 net 8-13-2012.
WB0YWW en22, N0IRS em20, W9UIJ en52, K0DOK em48, KC9CLM en52,
K8JA en82, KA8TBW en61, WA9EUN en51 and myself N4PZ en52.  Nothing heard out of Ohio tonight.
I will be at the 2012 EME conference in Cambridge, England next week
so probably W9UIJ or someone else will run the net.
KC9CLM is our newcomer and we made a believer out of him tonight.
He worked N0IRS in Ks City, WB0YWW in en22 and K8JA in en82 with
a single yagi and 20 watts. He needs a brick to get up to 100 watts.
Anyone know of one at a reasonable price please get hold of him at 
(kc9bqa inserts a comment — I won’t publish someone’s email without 
their say-so.  If you have a 100w amp for 432 for KC9CLM, let me know 
and I’ll pass the info along to Dave.)
 Please step up and lend a hand if you can. I gave him an SWR bridge which
works on 432. He has a good antenna 22 el, I don’t know the brand but it works FB.
He’s enthusiastic!
Steve N4PZ

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