222 Fall Sprint a lot More Fun — 24 Q’s in 15 Grids

   8:15am Wed.
   Yes, the K8TQK 144.252 and WB9LYH 144.240 nets are ON tonight.  Full details are two posts down the page. 

   Last night’s 222 sprint had decent participation in some areas, plus the weather was good and propagation seemed above average at times.  It all combined to make last night way more enjoyable than last Monday’s 144 sprint.  

    I had 24 contacts last night in 15 grids.  Started by looking east, and got 5 from MI/OH in the first 5 minutes I was on.  In fact, over half of my Q’s were in the first hour, which is typical. 
    Made 4-grid sweeps with K9JK/R and WB8BZK/R.  Fun having to work a little for the Q with WB8BZK on 223.500 FM.  QSB was interesting.  Mike would go from S0 to S7.   Thanks John and Mike for going out. 
    WI activity was decent.  N9LB, ND9Z, W9GA, N9DG  and myself were all available.  
    I called SSW thru NW quite a bit.  Nobody was home, that I could tell.  I asked N9LB, K2DRH and W0VB if they had heard anyone from IA/MO/MN.   With the exception of one station in the St. Louis area, and W0VB himself,  they reported no other signals.   Downstate IL was quiet, too, with the exception of W9SZ hilltopping in EN50 the last few hours. 

    I thought I was going to run out of new stations to work after about 9:30pm local, but had several pleasant surprises toward the end.  W9SZ got out to his hilltop in EN50, W8MIL got on from EN74 and also made a nice contact with K9MRI in EN70.  All were new grids, so it paid to stay at the rigs. 

   432 SPRINT IS NEXT WED., OCT 3RD, 7-11PM. 
    I’m pretty sure I’ll be on for both.  I only have 900 and 1296 to offer in the uWave sprint, but I’ll try to be on for a few hours.  
    Link to the rules from the Fall Sprint sponsor —    http://www.svhfs.org/2012fallsprintrules.pdf  
    Visit that rules link and note the in the microwave sprint, 6-digit grid squares and distance-based scoring will be used.

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