Who Heard the 144.240 net from EM71?? Anyone have a guess?

8:50pm Wed.
Before this laptop battery dies, I want our 2m detectives to think about who might be on 2m SSB from EM71.   At 0136Z or 8:36pm central, I heard WB9LYH’s excitement level perk up as he clearly heard a station call in with “Echo-Mike 71”.  That’s SE AL or SW GA!  That would easily be a record DX check-in to the 144.240 net from EN54cl, central WI.
Unfortunately, whatever happened, it was very short-lived.   Didn’t sound like Mark got even part of a callsign, but he did try calling and listening for several minutes, just in case EM71 popped back in.   I’m just relaying WB9LYH’s end of it, I didn’t hear a thing.  I bet it was a rock; someone in the ON4KST.com chat was talking about a bit of a meteor shower tonight.
I’ll have the rest of the net report up sometime tomorrow, as usual.  Both K8TQK and WB9LYH had good turnouts.  Seems like late summer and fall have the best numbers.
Anyone have a clue who that was in EM71?

One Response to “Who Heard the 144.240 net from EM71?? Anyone have a guess?”

  1. John K9RZZ Says:

    Wow, wouldn’t that be a kicker?! Just checking in. Been out of the game way to long … I’ll be back one day! 73/DX de K9RZZ