Great Weekend. Look for an Exciting New Guestbook Thread Today.

   7:15am Monday
   Friday night was a very enjoyable 30th class reunion.  Both my wife and I were class of ’82 at a high school only 35 minutes from our current QTH, so we have a lot of friends and good memories in common.  It was fun to feel 20-something again, catching up and bullshipping, ahem. 

    Saturday was a nice Badger football win and then last night the Packers played (easily) their most inspired game in quite some time.   I have a lot of respect for how the Houston Texans are playing, but wow, it’s like a new Packers team showed up.  Hope we see this version the rest of the season. 

    Also had 3.35″ of very beneficial, soaking rains over Saturday and Sunday.  Rainfall’s been spotty ever since early June, but a wetter period from late July to early September saved us from disaster (40 miles north of Milwaukee).  I know other parts of WI and the Midwest had it far worse.  But since early September, we had gotten very dry again, so this weekend’s soaker was a great way to get all the trees and plants watered in for the winter.  

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