N0PB EM39 Monday Net on 144.250 is QRT

   4:30pm Thursday 
   N0PB sent email last week announcing that he’s no longer able to call his Northern Missouri SWOT net.  He thanked everyone for being there thru the years.    (SWOT refers to SideWindersOnTwo.  See www.swotrc.net for more info.) 
   Phil’s net must have been on for at least 9-10 years.  I always liked the way he did things, plus he had a very big signal that got out a long ways.  I was directly influenced by N0PB’s net.  When I started up on Wed. nights in June 2008 (full history is here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5363) I wanted to be friendly and greet check-ins from a wide area surrounding EN63. 

    I join many others in congratulating N0PB for running a great net for many years.    

   Please let those who got on for N0PB’s N. MO SWOT net know that we look to the south-southwest from WI every Wed. evening.  Usually about 8:30pm in summer, and 7:30pm in winter.  Give or take.    Same thing for those in eastern KS.  WB9LYH can work into that territory with flat bands and he loves DX check-ins.  Weak signals are not a problem; they are a worthwhile challenge.  🙂

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