Net Update for Tomorrow (Wed.) Night

   5pm Tuesday —
   Wanted to let everyone know what I know (so far) about tomorrow night’s long-range 2m SSB nets.  
   Please check back to for updates to this post later tonight or tomorrow, as I learn more. 
   EDIT, EDIT —  7:40pm — Just got word that K8GDT in EN91, a half hour SSW of Cleveland, will pitch in as the 144.252 net control tomorrow night.  Look toward EN91bf at 8:30pm eastern time and say hello to Gerry.   Imagine K8GDT will do the same directions as K8TQK.  Start out looking N, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next 45-60 minutes.  
    Use the chat (IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz) and you’ll be able to follow along. 

   I will also be on tomorrow night, at 8pm central, from EN63ao.  I’m pinch-hitting for WB9LYH, as I do from time to time.  I start out looking north, then steadily move NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW over the next hour or so.   I’m usually past MI/OH by 9:10-20 eastern time.  So if you’re out east, please listen for us at the start.  

   As posted before,  K8TQK will *not* be on with his 144.252 net.  I was wondering about his weather situation in south-central OH, and I’m glad I talked to him. 
   Bob’s having a full-blown blizzard.  Up on his ridge, he has “at least 12-13″ of snow, and it is still coming down.  The antennas are backed into the wind and it is gusting 50-60mph at this time.”  So he’s letting us know ahead of time he won’t be able to go tomorrow night.  K8TQK *does* plan to be on for Nov. 7th at his usual start time of 8:30pm eastern.

One Response to “Net Update for Tomorrow (Wed.) Night”

  1. Bryan, KD8LDX Says:

    I wish I could make the nets this week. I am still moving forward on my 5 element quad design from the Quad V3 program by VE3SQB; I’m intending to build it as a 125 ohm impedance model which requires a 75 ohm impedance 1/4 wave series transformer installed inline. Come to find out, 75 ohm Type N connectors don’t mate with 50 ohm N connectors. I’m currently waiting on a shipment from California with the 50 ohm Type N clamp connectors which are sized to work with 75 ohm RG-59a cable. They’re supposed to be here on Friday.

    Meanwhile, my current LMR-400 feedline had it’s Type N connector break loose this weekend, so I’ll be making another order for a replacement for that.