Looking for a Net Control from the MO/KS/IA/NE Area

   4:45pm Thursday

   Going to need help spreading the word with this idea. 
   A few years ago, K8TQK put his big signal to work with us on Wed. nights, trying to expand the circle farther and farther from WI.  That’s always been our goal with these 2m SSB nets.   When WB9LYH and K8TQK call their nets, we truly have coverage to 25-30 states, and VE-3, under normal band conditions. 
   Talking someone that lives in a circle around MO/IA, plus adjacent parts of W ILL, E KS, E NE. 

   I email about 6 dozen known VHF’ers in this target area.  I will send this info to them.   If you can share this info with other VHF’ers in your backyard, please do so.   Get the word out and let’s see if we have anyone with interest. 
   That’s the short story.  You want more detail?  Read on. 

    The goal with having a 3rd net control would be to pick up more stations in areas like SD/NE/IA/KS/MO, plus perhaps S ILL, KY and TN.   Depends on whether the 3rd net control would be located.  

    We need to remember that there’s an active net with good range called every Wed. from the Ft. Worth, TX area.  It’s at 9pm on 144.250.  We do NOT want to interfere with that net or dilute it.  They were there before we got started up here.  I imagine the EM13 net gets most of its check-ins from TX and OK, plus into AR, S KS and S MO.  We would hope our 3rd net control could increase activity from areas just north of there.   We would also want to know when the EM13 net looks north and NOT look toward TX at that time.   
    What does being a net control mean?  Means you get on the air at least 40-45 Weds. a year.  You need a week or two off?  No problem; this is a hobby, not a job.  It means you get on and call CQ in all directions, swinging your yagi about 20-30 degrees at a time.  We coordinate your timing and what directions you look in so that your net and ours in WI are not looking to the same area at the same time.   You keep a list of who you check in and send it to me, and I post the info here at kc9bqa.com. 
     I can provide most of the publicity.  If you can increase publicity on your own, so much the better.  VHF’ers in your region are more likely to listen to you than an outsider like me.  What we’re looking for is someone with a good signal that gets out at least 200-300 miles.  Someone who has an hour to give to the hobby on Wed. nights.   Someone who won’t get discouraged if things are slow for several months, while the word spreads. 
     Even if you’re just curious, get in touch with me and we’ll talk about the possibilities.  My email’s good at qrz.com, or you can leave a comment just below the bottom of this post.

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