Getting a LOT of New Visitors — Not Sure Why, but I’m Glad for It. Will You Sign the Guestbook?

   8:45am Sunday —
   We’ve had another 4″ of fluffy snow over the past 48 hours.  Now the sun’s trying to poke out, but it’s still flurrying and 12 degrees F.  With a 14-16″ snowcover, it’s beyond beautiful outside.  Too bad today’s Packer game isn’t at Lambeau, where football is meant to be played — outdoors. 

   I haven’t checked my website statistics in several weeks.  Very surprised to see that this month has already set new records for number of visits and for number of page views.    Not sure what the source of new visitors is, and yes, I’d like to know.  
   Back on October 15th, I introduced a “Guestbook” feature.  You can find it via the monthly archives on the right or easier yet, scroll down on the right to a small section called “Essential Posts”.  You can click on the link entitled “ Guestbook”.  
   For whatever reason, only 8 visitors to have ever said “hello” via the Guestbook.  This is odd, considering I have over 2500 unique visitors every month.  
   I’m kindly requesting that visitors “say hello” via the Guestbook.  I don’t need (or want) a life story.  But it does help me to know where you VHF’ers are located, why you come back more than once or twice, what it is you want to see here, what bands you are on, that sort of thing.   Please consider posting a comment to the Guestbook thread.  That way I know this website isn’t being visited by hordes of cyber-robots or worse.   🙂  

   Expect more posts today.   Want to explain about a few of your options for on-air activity on Sundays and Mondays.  

   Also want to direct your attention to a post I made back on Nov. 30th.  It would now be on the top of the 2nd page.   In that Nov. 30th post was a disjointed outline of everything I need to address to get this website current.  

   The ARRL Jan. VHF Contest is Jan 19-20th, 2013.   Only 3 weekends away.   Hope you have plans to get on and make a lot of contacts.

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