Contest Wrap-Up + Good Turnout from WI This Weekend + Links to Contest Reports

10pm Sunday —

Enough out of me, I’ve been yada-yada’ing for a few days now.   Maybe you’d enjoy reading contest writeups from others.
Two resources for reading contest wrap-ups, that I know of:   One is at the ARRL website:  and another place that will already have contest reports coming in is:   Once you’re there, you have a variety of months and formats to choose from.  Plus you need to realize that 95% of the traffic at the “3830” reflector is about HF contests.  But if you keep poking around, you’ll find your way to the part of the January (or June and September of any given year because that’s when the major ARRL VHF contests happen) archives where the “ARRL Jan. VHF” reports start to filter in.  In fact, I just figured out that if I go to a specific month (Jan. 2013, in this case) and sort the messages by subject, then I’m able to see all the ARRL Jan. VHF entries grouped together.

Just went thru my log and this is what I see so far:
50:    32 QSO’s in 17 Grids
144:    36  X  16
222:   21   X  14
432:   24  X  14
900:   8   X   7
1.2G:  5   X   4
KC9BQA  Claimed score:  15120.
EDIT —  10:30am Monday —   I shorted myself on 900 and 1296 MHz.  I had 9 Q’s in 8 grids on 900 and 6 Q’s and 5 grids on 1296.  This means my new claimed score is 16132.

  EDIT — 6pm Jan 22nd —  REALLY WANT TO EMPHASIZE THE FOLLOWING —   When I thought about it this morning, and went back thru my log, I felt better and better about the local turnout this weekend.  You can’t do anything about band conditions, but you *are* in control of getting on the air and spending some hours turning the yagis, calling CQ and answering other CQ’ers.  We had a strong group on the air from WI this past weekend.  Better than I’ve heard in some of the contests in 2011 and 2012.  I know the new ARRL rules helped to spur more activity.  I heard it (for a while at least) on FM, and I talked with multiple guys who were competing in the 3-band category.

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