The VE3XTM Nets From EN93 Deserve a Separate Post

   Noon Wednesday — 
   If you are looking for tonight’s net announcement here goes:  Tonight’s 144.240 net control from WI is WB9LYH.  7pm central start time, look toward EN54cl, central WI.   Bands may be enhanced, we appreciate DX trying to check-in.  More detail about that in the post below this one. 
   Been emailing a bit with VE3XTM, Terry in EN93un, Guelph, ONT.   This is in the east-central part of EN93, about an hour southwest of Toronto.  
   VE3XTM has been really perking up the weak-signal V/UHF scene in his part of the world.  Since EN93 is within reach of a lot of the readers here, let’s detail the nets that VE3XTM calls. 

   Two meters:
   Monday 9pm eastern on 144.245.    VE3XTM net control from EN93un. 
   Wednesday 9pm eastern on 144.245.   VE3XTM net control from EN93un. 
   Friday 9pm eastern on 432.210.  Yes, .210.   VE3XTM net control from EN93un. 

   Terry reports that the nets are going very well.  They had 23 check-ins from 6 different grids a couple of weeks back on 144.245.  The 432.210 net on Fridays is averaging 8-10 check-ins.  VE3XTM welcomes new check-ins from any direction.   They now have several regulars from OH and MI, so these are truly international nets.   🙂   
   Terry is also glad to report that many of the check-ins have put up towers and yagis, so they are now getting out a lot farther.

   Terry emailed to say the typical antenna pattern is to start out looking west/southwest for about 15 minutes.  Then they swing to the east, to pick up the Toronto-area participants, along with anyone else in that direction.   Because VE3XTM runs 300 watts, he’s often heard off the back of the beam anyway, in that 100 or so mile range.   Once he’s done looking west and then east, he turns north and finishes up by looking south.  
   VE3XTM hopes with the unusually mild January weather, perhaps there’ll be some surprise DX check-ins.  
   Look toward EN93un on Mon., Wed. and Fri. nights and see what you hear.

One Response to “The VE3XTM Nets From EN93 Deserve a Separate Post”

  1. Terry VE3XTM Says:

    Hi Todd

    Thanks for your very kind writeup. I did not find it until today. We are all looking forward to the 2013 tropo season and hopefully one of these nights we will make a contact with you and your group.