Badger Contesters Get Together and Pizza Party is April 5th

   9:30am Easter Sunday

   I want to repost an email from my friend, elmer and long-time Badger Contester, W9GA Ken

  “Hi All VHF crazies here in WI and area around;

  Many have asked, and yes, we are gathering once again this year!

I now have our suite reserved for friday April 5 at the Radisson Milwaukee North 
Shore, suite 224 just like last year,up on the second floor, above room 124 
where we held it most years.  The Radisson is located at 7065 North Port Washington RD. 
This locates the motel on the west side of Port road, just a block south of Good Hope. 
(Amateur Electronic Supply is on Good Hope road, at about 60th street, roughly 3 miles 
west of the motel location) 
We are in the pool area, second floor, and the southwest corner of the suites area. 
We get underway about 7:00 PM, and order in some pizzas from Calderone’s down the 
street. I pass the hat, and would appreciate a $10 bill to help in the pizza order and room charges. 
I will bring some beer and soda, but if all would like to bring extra beverages, 
and snacks, that would be great. 
Bring your neat VHF-UHF projects, special QSL cards, ect and share in the babble! 
Let me know who is planning (to attend), and check with your VHFer neighbors, so I can get a head count. 
I will also be at AES briefly in the afternoon, in case anyone bumps into me there.   
Email me here with any questions — kboston6(insert “at” sign)

Ken W9GA”

(KC9BQA adds — This weekend is Amateur Electronic Supply’s Superfest, which draws in hams from hundreds of miles around.  Well worth attending.  Click here for more info.)

    KC9BQA Continues…
 The Badger Contesters are my V/UHF Club.  Their website is at  This link shows the 175-mile club circle.  Don’t let the infrequently updated website fool you; this is an active club.  Been around for probably close to 20 years now.  If you would like for your V/UHF contest scores to go toward a club effort, please join the BC’ers.  Follow the info at the website.  The BC’ers are a low-key, low-stress club, with no dues. 
   If you are a Badger Contester, you already received W9GA’s message via the BC email reflector.  If you are interested in joining BC and want to get together with some V/UHF’ers on the evening of April 5th, by all means visit the pizza party — it’s a lot of fun.  Again — W9GA would appreciate you letting him know you’re coming by emailing Ken at kboston6 (at sign)

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