K8TQK Has Streaming Audio of His Station Online

   7:15 am Friday —
   For a few months now, certain VHF’ers have been starting to stream their audio online.  Meaning you go to a specific address on the internet and you are able to hear what their station is hearing.   I think this is a great idea, and will increase interest among all hams in the weak-signal side of VHF/UHF. 
   I’m going to pass along the info I have on K8TQK’s setup, just as he typed it himself.  But first a disclaimer or two:  I am not a very tech-savvy guy.  If you have problems making this work, I can’t help you.  I’m just the messenger.  🙂 

   So here goes and hope this helps.  Try it yourself and if it works, pass this info along to other hams, so they will develop an interest in the SSB/CW portions of bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz. 

   The following is info for the K8TQK streaming audio. 
   In your player type the following URL:
   If the audio stream does not come up, do the following:  type in the URL up through :88, and a list of players links will come up. 
   Also — below is a list of other URL’s, pick your player and try it. 
   Pse call me for any help if this does not work.   740 634 3773 from 7am thru 10pm EST. 

   Choose from the links below which type of connection and/or format of your player: 
   You will need to come to this page to make the MP3 links work for more than 15 seconds.  Refreshing the link in your player may not work.  (KC9BQA says “I have no idea what any of this means, I’m simply passing the info along”) 
   Broadband stream  http://bobmathews.myq-see.com:88/broadwave.asx?src=1&kbps=32  Windows Media Player
   http://bobmathews.myq-see.com:88/broadwave.pls?src=1&kbps=32  iTunes, RealPlayer, Quicktime
   Dialup stream  http://bobmathews.myq-see.com:88/broadwave.asx?src=1&kbps=16  Windows Media Player
   http://bobmathews.myq-see.com:88/broadwave.pls?src=1&kbps=16  iTunes, RealPlayer, Quicktime

    END of K8TQK’s TEXT

    KC9BQA adds… I have no idea when K8TQK is actually streaming his audio.  Don’t know if it’s 24 hours a day, or just at certain times or what…  I tried the broadband streams this morning and while my Windows Media Player definitely came up, I didn’t hear anything resembling ham audio (or dead-air static).   If there is someone out there who is able to make this work and has more details, please help us all by sending a comment.   I’m definitely willing to improve this post, if others will help.

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