WB9LYH Net Report From March 6 — 16 Check-Ins

   12:30pm Monday —
   WB9LYH reported good propagation to the southeast and south last Wed.  His 16 check-ins were:  N8WNA EN82;  K9SLQ EN70;  W8SOL EN71;  K9CCL; N9JBW and KC9RIO EN61;  K9LQZ EM68;  KC9CLM EN52;  KA9DVX EN51;  KC9RJI EN41;  WA9BNZ EN40;  N9NYA EN43;  KG0SJ EN22;  KA0KYZ EN33;  W0ANH EN47 and VE3KRP EN58.   Believe this is the first time K9SLQ has checked in with our .240 net and want to say “welcome”. 

   Right now, WB9LYH’s schedule looks good for calling the 144.240 net the next few Wednesdays (7pm central start).   There’s always a small chance something could come up and if it does, check here or at the ON4KST.com chat.  Our net rarely is off the air because N9OLT or I pitch in if WB9LYH can’t go.

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