144.240 Net Lineup For Tonight **8PM Central/9PM Eastern Start**

5:15pm Wed.

WB9LYH will be on with the 144.240 activity net from EN54cl, central WI, at the new start time of **8pm central **  
W0WFH EM48ck will also get on, if thunderstorms stay away.

Watching a Midwest radar as I type, and see that many of you will have storms around tonight.  If you’re safely able to get on, we’d appreciate your check-in tonight.  Those of you in the warm sector of this big low pressure system, I hope you find band enhancement tonight.   It’s 37F here.  Brrrrr.

WB9LYH starts out looking NE, then E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N over the next hour or so.  He loves DX and we appreciate you helping to spread the word, especially as we get into warmer weather and better band conditions.    If you’re within 400-500 miles of the middle of WI, give a listen.

If thunderstorms leave W0WFH alone, Bill will get on 144.240 from about 8:20-8:40 tonight.  W0WFH is in EM48ck, 20 miles SE of Jefferson City, MO.  Bill is looking for stations we can’t normally reach from WI.   He will look to his SE, S, SW and W.  Talking downstate IL/IN/OH.  All of KY, TN, MO, AR, OK, KS.  Parts of NE, LA, MS and AL are definitely in range, too.   Please help us spread the word to those areas.

K9LQZ will not be on from southern IN tonight.  He is unavailable on the 3rd Wed. of the month.  Look for K9LQZ on Wed., April 24th, about 9:15-9:30 eastern.  Lowell is looking for stations we can’t normally reach from WI.  Talking downstate IL/IN/OH.  W VA, western parts of VA, NC, SC.  All of KY and TN.  Parts of GA, AL, MS, AR and MO.    Please help spread the word to those areas, if you can.  We’re looking for those states from about 9:15-9:30pm eastern or 8:15-8:30pm central, every Wed. on 144.240.

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