144.240 Wed. Net(s) Will START AT 8PM CENTRAL Effective April 17th

   10:45am central Tuesday —
   Just got off the horn with WB9LYH and we both agree we need to change our start time, sooner the better.  We both have daylight until nearly 8pm now.  So it’s time to make our seasonal time change. 

   PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD — *We will change to an 8pm Central/9pm Eastern start time, effective Wed., April 17*  This is 0100 UTC time.  This will remain in effect until at least October.   
   This will also affect the times that our new net helpers K9LQZ (EM68ul, half hour NW of Louisville) and W0WFH (EM48ck, about 80 miles west of St. Louis) will do their thing.   K9LQZ will be calling to his E, SE, S and SW from roughly 9:20-9:40pm eastern (or 0120-0140 UTC time).  W0WFH will be calling to his SE, S, SW and W/NW between about 8:25-8:45pm central time.   All three callers will be on 144.240.  They are far enough apart that they shouldn’t QRM each other.   You pick the net you want to hear.  Or shoot for all 3.  That’s why you have a rotor!  🙂  

    I also know that WB9LYH will be net control tomorrow night at 7pm central. 
    I will be net control on Wed., April 10th, also at 7pm central. 

    When WB9LYH calls the net on April 17th, that’s when the starting times will change to one hour later — 8pm central/9pm eastern.

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