MN and MI have 2m and 6m Activity on Sunday Nights

  10am Saturday

   This was originally part of a March 1st post, detailing scheduled on-air activity on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.   The direct link to that March 1st post is here: 

   Since it’s the weekend, I’ll limit the paragraph below to Sunday night activity.  Make sure to get the MN boys fired up by asking them how much snow they still have on the ground.   🙂 

   On Sunday evenings, you have multiple options on 2m and 6m, from MI and MN.  Details are in this post:  My understanding is that currently, KA0KYZ is calling the EN33 Sunday net on 144.260, and not KA0PQW.  If ‘KYZ is net control, know that his signal travels a long way.  So does the 6m net control, K0SIX, in EN35.  They’re also good guys, who enjoy new check-ins and increasing overall activity on VHF. 
   EDIT — EDIT — 3:30pm Monday, April 15th. 
   KA0KYZ emailed to give us the straight scoop with the NLRS Sunday night 144.260 net (9pm central).   Terry says that KA0PQW is generally running the Sunday night .260 net (KA0PQW is also in EN33) and that if Matt is unavailable, then K0SIX usually takes it, with KA0KYZ being an occasional 3rd string backup.

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