144.240 Net Wed. Called by KC9BQA EN63 This Week. Look for W0WFH EM48, Too.

 8:40am Tuesday  (Please remember every Tuesday is 222 Tuesday.  It’s the national activity night for the 222 band.  Get on/near 222.100 MHz anywhere around 0000-0200Z, and call CQ in various directions.  See who all is on.  More 222 Tuesday info is here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=6935 )

  I will call the 144.240 long-range net tomorrow night, from EN63ao.  I’m 40 miles north of Milwaukee.   WB9LYH normally calls the net, but I fill in, if needed, and N9OLT is also an option.   I imagine WB9LYH will be back next Wednesday. 

  I will be on 144.240 starting at 8pm central/9pm eastern.  I start out looking north, then soon am looking NE, E, SE into MI, VE-3, OH and IN.  Always looking farther, if propagation allows.  Then by 8:20-8:30pm, I’m looking SE to S, sliding toward the Milwaukee/Chicago heading.  By 8:30-8:45, I’m either looking S or SW, into the length of IL, along with MO, IA, KS and NE.  By 8:45-9pm I tend to be looking west, then NW and N, as I wind things up.  This is the time for W and N WI, N IA, MN, plus the U.P. of MI and Thunder Bay, ONT, if VE3KRP is on from EN58.  Sometimes there’s a lot of activity and a net can run a little past 9pm, which is fine.  Our net is friendly and informal, we try to go with the flow.  

   If weather and life cooperate, W0WFH will be ON 144.240 tomorrow night, from EM48ck, in the middle of MO.  Bill gets on about 0115Z/8:15pm central, and looks to his SE, S, SW and W.  He’s primarily looking for stations we can’t normally reach from WI.  Talking anywhere from far downstate IL/IN, to all of KY, TN, MO, AR, OK, KS, plus parts of LA, MS, and AL. 

   I know that K9LQZ in EM68 will be OFF.  Lowell has another commitment on the 3rd Wed. of every month.  Look for K9LQZ on 144.240 at roughly 0120-0140 Z on May 23rd.

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