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WB9LYH Has 15 Check-Ins to 144.240 Last Night

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

   6:45am  Thursday

   I have WB9LYH’s net report from last night.  It does not appear that either W0WFH EM48 or K9LQZ EM68 were able to get on the air.  If I learn more later, I will revise this post. 
   EDIT — 10:30am Friday — Got email from K9LQZ and Lowell did call around on 144.240 from 0120-0140Z, or 9:20-9:40 EST.  He didn’t hear anyone on.  We’re going to have to correct that. 

   Mark said he had some good propagation to the SE.  His checkins were W9EWZ EN52;  N9OLT EN64;  N8WNA, K8JA and N8AIA EN82;  W8SOL and N9YK EN71;  N9JBW EN61;  W9WZJ EM69;  WA9BNZ EN40; AB9QH EN62;  WB0YWW and KG0SJ EN22;  W0ANH EN47 and K8TQK EM89. 
   WB9LYH also tried hard to connect with KD7YZ in EM88.  KD7YZ said he heard Mark briefly on a 514 mile path, but they couldn’t complete.  They will try another Wednesday. 
   Looks like this is AB9QH’s first time checking into the net.  Welcome, and thanks for saying hello.

K8TQK Had 20 Check-Ins on 144.252 Monday Night + 222 Tuesday Activity Report

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

   6:15am Thursday —

   We were 78 yesterday and it’s 41 right now, with a stiff NNE wind.  Milwaukee dropped from 72 to 47 from 7:45-8:45pm last night.  
   It could be a lot worse.  There’s a strip of heavy snow falling from N IA, up thru SE MN and into NW WI.   The Minneapolis NWS  says there’s a good deal of tree damage in the Red Wing and Owatonna areas, along with downed power lines and general misery.   Guess I-35 is closed in that area.  Albert Lea MN has reported 10″ of snow.  On May 1-2.  Can you imagine? 

    K8TQK had a nice net on Monday night.   Bob puts his huge signal on the air every Monday night at 8:30pm eastern time.  He starts out looking N, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next 45-60 minutes.  His QTH is EM89je, far south-central OH, and he gets out 300-400 miles with flat band conditions and can push the 500 mile envelope with stations that have decent power and yagis up high. 
   Bob’s 20 check-ins Monday night included WA4NJP EM84;  N8WNA and N8AIA EN82;  WB8AUK EN80;  K8GDT and NF8O EN91;  VE3YCU FN02;  WD8GHR EN90;  AC3L/M FN00;  K8RYU EM99;  N1GC EM95;  WB4IXU and AA4DD EM86;  KI4ROF EM55;  KY4MRG EM77;  KB9RDS and WB8ART EM79;  W9EWZ EN52;  WB9LYH EN54 and KC8ZJL EN71. 
   Think about the territory that list covers… You have the Niagara Falls area to the north, N GA and NC to the southeast, western TN to the southwest and central WI to the northwest. 

   On to 222 Tuesday…
   Remember that Tuesday has been the national activity night on 222 MHz for decades.   If you want more info about the where/what/when/who/why, click here:  Helpful hints and tips are there.  Remember that 222 Tuesday is not a directed net.   Don’t wait for someone else to start something.    Call your own CQ’s on/near 222.100 SSB/CW.  Spin the yagi around, see who’s out there. 

   I went thru the and 222 Prop Logger archives to see what was reported for April 30th.  
   WA4NJP in EM84 worked N4QH EM84 and K4LY EM85. 
   K8GDT in EN91 worked N8WNA and N8AIA in EN82, plus WB8AUK EN80 and K9MRI EN70. 
   K5SW in EM25 worked W0RT EM27.  I’m sure the southern Plains had more activity, but I can only post what I can see. 
   I’m sure the northeast has plenty of 222 Tuesday activity,  but I’m not a nationwide blog.

   WB9LYH’s 144.240 net report from last night will be posted shortly.

WB9LYH (EN54), K9LQZ (EM68), W0WFH (EM48) Call 144.240 Nets Tomorrow Night

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

7pm central Tuesday

Got up to 84 degrees here today.  Wow.  Had a cool and cloudy start, it was still gloomy at mid-morning and by noon, the sun broke thru and SSW winds blew in the first taste of summer — Feels great!
Tomorrow will have a warm start and an abrupt cool off.  It’s supposed to be 45-50 by this time tomorrow, courtesy of a cold front that will be enhanced by cold Lake Michigan waters.

WB9LYH, W0WFH EM48 and K9LQZ EM68 will be *ON* with the long-range Wed. nets on 144.240.  Get on tomorrow night and say hello to our net controls on 144.240.   If you need more info about what we’re trying to accomplish with a trio of net controls, read the bottom half of this post    We are reaching out to VHF’ers in a 200-500 mile semicircle surrounding EM68 and EM48.  Talking W PA, W VA, western parts of VA, NC and SC, all of KY, TN, much of GA, AL, MS, all of AR, OK, MO, KS and eastern NE, too.   Please help us get the word out in those areas.
WB9LYH in EN54cl, middle of WI, is the flagship net.  Mark starts at 0100Z/8pm central/9pm eastern by looking NE, then E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N over the next hour or so.  With stacked 17B2’s, 500 watts and a killer QTH, WB9LYH gets out a long ways and enjoys DX.

We’ve always been interested in pushing the propagation limits and we’re fortunate to now have K9LQZ  (southern IN, half hour NW of Louisville) and W0WFH (central MO, about an hour and a half west of St. Louis) helping us expand the activity to places we can’t normally reach from WI.
Both K9LQZ and W0WFH call to their E, SE, S, SW and W, from about 0115-0130 or 0145 if they get busy.   They are far enough apart that QRM should be minimal.  And when we get nights with enhanced propagation, we’ll be grateful for having signals bump into one another.  Those are the times where DX’ers are grateful that there’s more than one or two signals on the air.

I will have several updates on Thursday.  1)  Our usual net report for the 144.240 nets,  2) K8TQK’s 144.252 Monday net report and 3)  A listing of who was on for 222 Tuesday.

That’s right — the Microwave Spring Sprint is this weekend.   It’s this Sat. morning, May 4th, from 7am-1pm in your local time zone.  All bands from 900 MHz and up are in play in the uWave sprint.   If you need more sprint info, go here:   The 50 MHz sprint is on Sat. evening, May 11th, from 2300Z until 0300Z on Sun., May 12th.  In the central time zone, this is 6-10pm Sat. night.