WB9LYH EN54, K9LQZ EM68 and W0WFH EM48 144.240 Nets ON Tonight

  2pm Wed. 

  Man!  Where does the time go?  How did it get to be 2pm already? 

  *REMEMBER THE 6M SPRING SPRINT IS SAT. NIGHT, MAY 11TH.*  From 7-11pm eastern, 6-10pm central, 5-9pm mountain and 4-8 pm pacific.  6 has been open a fair amount this week so here’s hoping…  If you need more sprint info, go here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=6885

    WB9LYH EN54cl and K9LQZ EM68ul will be on 144.240 tonight. 

   WB9LYH is the flagship net control, just like he has been for years now.  Located right in the middle of WI, near Wisconsin Rapids.  Mark gets on at 8pm central/9pm eastern and starts out with a quick look NE, then E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N over the next hour or so.  With stacked 17B2’s and 500 watts from a mountaintop location (OK, I exaggerate a little, we don’t really have mountains in WI), he gets out a long, long ways and loves DX surprises.  Never hesitate to try checking in — especially as we head into warmer weather and better band conditions. 
    K9LQZ is a half hour NW of Louisville, KY and gets on from roughly 9:20-9:40pm eastern time.  His emphasis is to find activity we can’t reach from WI (without band enhancement).  Talking places like W VA, western PA, western VA, NC and SC.  All of KY, TN and MO.  Parts of GA, AL, MS, AR and also downstate IL, IN, and OH.   I can work Lowell on a 361.5 mile path most of the time, so I know he gets out a long ways, too.   We need 2m SSB’ers in the states I’ve mentioned to help us spread the word.  We’re looking for you on Wed. nights.  (K9LQZ will be unavailable next Wed.  He has a conflict every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  3 out of 4 isn’t bad at all.  🙂 )

     I see where W0WFH has a 70% chance of showers and storms tonight.  So our EM48 net control might not be able to get on.  But if you’re in MO,KS,AR,OK,KY,TN, MS  or downstate IL and you can safely get on tonight, please try for W0WFH.  If Bill is on 144.240, it will be from roughly 8:20-8:40pm central time.   His location is 20 miles southeast of Jefferson City, MO (about 80 miles west of St. Louis)  His emphasis is on activity to his E, SE, S, SW and W.  Talking places we can’t reach with WB9LYH from WI.

    Check back tomorrow for our net reports.  I’ll have 3 net reports, actually.  We still post K8TQK’s 144.252 net results (he’s now on Monday nights, at 8:30pm eastern), in addition to any 222 Tuesday activity I can track down, and of course, our own 144.240 net reports.

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