WB9LYH in EN54 Calls the 144.240 Long-Range Net Wed. Night

   11:30am Tuesday 

   I can give you an accurate net plan for tomorrow night.  

   WB9LYH will be the only game in town (at least on 144.240).  Mark starts at 8pm central, from EN54cl, middle of WI.  Very big station and gets out a long ways.  WB9LYH also enjoys pushing the propagation envelope so those of you in that 400-600 mile range, tune in and see if you can make contact. 
   WB9LYH’s antenna pattern is to start NE, with a quick look into the U.P. of MI.  Then he’s looking E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N over the next hour or so. 
   Our nets are friendly and informal.  Main purpose is to stir up regular activity on the SSB portion of 2 meters.  Please say hello any Wed. that is convenient.   We appreciate you spreading the word to hams everywhere.  

    Neither W0WFH EM48 or K9LQZ EM68 will be on tomorrow night.  K9LQZ is having tower work done and hopes to be back next Wed., May 29th.  As always, we will advise here on either Tuesday or Wed. 

    W0WFH will not be continuing with the 144.240 net.   He’s having some health challenges and can’t be sure if he’ll be feeling well on a given Wednesday.   Both WB9LYH and I appreciate Bill helping us extend our range these past few months and we wish him well.  
   * WB9LYH and I would like VHF’ers in MO, KS, KY, TN, southern IL and IN to know that we are always looking for you, every Wed. evening, just like we have been since June 2008.   We know we can work into  Kansas City and Omaha, and with summer conditions, we look forward to Wed. evenings where tropo brings us tasty treats.*  The 144.240 net tends to look south and southwest about 8:20-8:30pm central, give or take a few minutes.   

   On Thursday, I should be able to crank out a 3-part net report, just like I’ve been doing the past several weeks.  This will include K8TQK’s check-ins to his 144.252 net at 8:30pm eastern every Monday, and the 222 Tuesday activity.  Plus the 144.240 Wed. net, as usual.

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