We Need More V/UHF Contesters and Especially Rovers

   8:30am Sunday

   Glad I made the post about the June contest (item #5 in the May 3rd post).  I’ve already heard from a new roving prospect, which is exactly what we need around here.  In fact, we need about a couple dozen rovers, scattered across IA, WI, MN, MI and IL.   I have had contests where as many as 8-10 rovers were within range (50-200 miles) and they were the most enjoyable contests I can recall.  Tracking rovers and running bands, racking up QSO’s and new grids… it just makes me smile, remembering it.   Time flies by in busy contests, and rovers do more to increase overall activity than anything else. 

   If you are considering roving, get out there and give it a try.  Remember I have some advice, including links to other rover sites, at these posts:     http://kc9bqa.com/?p=6964 and http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1740  These are part of the VHF Contesting School articles I wrote a few years back.  The articles are designed to get any ham comfortable with trying out a V/UHF contest.  The link to all 9 articles is here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5931  You are encouraged to spread the VHF Contesting School articles to hams everywhere. 

   If you are a ham with a strong interest in V/UHF and you have a lousy QTH or antenna restrictions, going mobile and roving in the contests can really change the rules in your favor.  You can find great locations, set up yagis and become the DX everyone is looking for.  Let me know if you are considering roving.   I can help.

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