It’s About Time for Tropo

   1:30pm Thur. 

   True summer weather is moving in and it should stick around for a while.   Accordingly, the evenings, overnights and  mornings may see periods of enhancement on 2m and higher bands.   (Tropo can be strong enough that the band is enhanced during midday, too, but it’s not as likely)  Hope lots of us are able to get on the air, call CQ and look in different directions.   Great conditions don’t mean anything if there aren’t plenty of signals on the air. 
   If you’re brand new, remember that your rigs have a VFO, or tuning dial.  Don’t get stuck on 144.200, 222.100 and 432.100.  It’s fine to put out calls there, but take longer QSO’s off the call freqs. and remember to tune around, to make sure you’re not missing anything.  It’s far better to have multiple signals spread out across the dial, than to have 5, 10, 15 guys all clumped right on the call freq.  You wouldn’t stand in one long line in the grocery store, when several check-out lines are open, would you? 
   Remember these two resources for checking band conditions.  Please don’t use these as a total substitute for getting on the air, calling CQ and discovering what conditions are like for yourself.  There are times where the bands are plenty good, and the only way you discover it is by — yep, being on the air. 
   You have the real-time APRS map at: 
   And the forecast tropo conditions at:  
   For a more complete description of these websites, refer to this post:

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