Last Night’s Net Reports — WB9LYH Has 20 Check-Ins and K9LQZ hears 5.

   1:45pm Thursday

   **48 hours from now, the ARRL June VHF Contest will be underway.  Starts @1pm central/2pm eastern this Sat. and runs 33 hours until 10pm Sunday central and 11pm eastern)** 
   Scroll down this front page to 3 posts dated May 27th if you want more info about the contest.   Those posts explain the new categories in V/UHF contests that all hams need to know about — talking the 3-band and FM-only categories.  Also down the page are my series of articles called VHF Contesting School and the Google spreadsheet link where Midwest and Great Lakes stations are encouraged to post their plans this weekend.  

    Since this the net report, let’s get to it.
   WB9LYH had plenty of activity last night, and K9LQZ EM68 had a good showing, too. 
   WB9LYH’s 20 check-ins were:  N9OLT EN64;  KB9OWD EN53;  W9EWZ and KC9CLM EN52;  W8SOL and KC8ZJL EN71;  KC9RIO, K9CCL and N9JBW EN61;  W8BYA EN70;  WA9M EM79;  WB0YWW, KG0SJ and WB0YNA EN22;  K9WKW EN43;  KE0MS EN41;  N0IRS EM29;  N9ISN EN44;  W0ANH EN47 and VE3KRP EN58.    
    K9LQZ was helping out last night on 144.240, finding more activity in areas we can’t normally reach from WI.  K9LQZ’s QTH is EM68, southern IN, a half hour northwest of Louisville.  He is on from 0120-0140 UTC, or 9:20-9:40pm eastern/8:20-8:40pm central.  He starts out looking E, then SE, S, SW and W during that time.  If he gets busier or we notice substantial QRM, we will make adjustments.  We’re just getting started with the K9LQZ deal, so spread the word and let’s find more signals from W VA, KY, TN, western parts of PA, MD, VA, the Carolinas, northern parts of GA, AL, MS.  Much of MO and AR.  Eastern parts of KS and NE.  Plus downstate IL, IN and OH.  
     Last night, K9LQZ’s check-ins were:  KY4MRG EM77;  N4PPG EM76;  W8BYA EN70;  WA4REE EM65 and KI4ROF EM55. 

     Expect WB9LYH and K9LQZ on 144.240 again next week.  As always, I will make a net announcement here on Tuesday or early Wed. 
    On June 19th, it looks like I will be net control and K9LQZ won’t be on, due to a meeting he has the 3rd Wed. of every month. 
    I would expect that on June 26th, it will be WB9LYH EN54 and K9LQZ EM68 again.

    3pm Thur.

    Forgot to mention K8TQK’s 144.252 net from Monday night.  Bob was away and didn’t get home in time to call the net.  So there was no net this past Monday.  K8TQK is on 144.252 from EM89je, south-central OH, @ 8:30pm eastern on Monday nights.  Starts out looking N, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next 45-60 minutes.  K8TQK has a huge signal and great ears, so push the limits and start listening for him, even if you’re 300, 400, 500 miles away. 

    Reportable 222 Tuesday activity was:  K8TQK working W9KXI FN12;  W9ZIH EN51;  K8GDT and WA8RJF EN91;  K9MRI and W9SR EN70 and K9LQZ EM68.  The 222 Prop Logger showed W5MRB in EM35 working WB5AFY EM04. 
    This post explains 222 Tuesday, which is the national activity night. 

      Click here:  for your Thursday night options on VHF.  That post has been updated recently because N4PZ in EN52gb (a little bit SW of Rockford, IL) calls 432.100 activity at 8pm central on Thursdays now, in addition to Mondays.

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