Summer 2013 VHF/UHF Contest Calendar + Central States VHF Society Conference Info

   Noon Tuesday

   With the ARRL June VHF Contest behind us, here’s the quick rundown of the remaining 2013 summer contests on V/UHF:
   CQ Worldwide VHF  (6m and 2m only) — July 20-21
  ARRL UHF (222 MHz and Up) — August 3-4
  ARRL Sept. VHF (Just like June, all bands 50 MHz and higher)  — Sept 14-15 

   That’s the short story.  Make plans to get on and get some of your ham buddies involved.  Tell your local clubs about the contests.  Just about every ham has either 2m or 6m, or both.  Those are the bread-and-butter bands of VHF.  The contests are more fun if there are more signals on the air. 

   If you’d like expanded detail about these contests, go here:   Also consider going over the posts dated May 27th that have to do with the contests.  The link to my VHF Contesting School Articles is there.   Feel free to use anything here if you think it will help get more hams on the SSB/CW side of VHF bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz (yes, 902/3 and 1296, too). 

    The Central States VHF Society will  hold their annual conference in suburban Chicago again this year.   It will be on July 25-28th, in Elk Grove Village, IL.   I was able to attend the 2009 CSVHFS conference in Elk Grove Village, and it was very well done.   Put this one on your calendar.   Go here for more info.   I am a Central States VHF Society member and this event has a proud tradition, going back at least 45-50 years.  Take some time at the CSVHFS website and decide if it’s for you —
   Many of the guys on the air this weekend were talking about the CSVHFS Conference.  If past experience is any guide, there will be at least several hundred weak-signal ops there for the weekend — from many states and provinces.  There will be technical presentations, a weak-signal vendor area, an antenna range, noise figure testing and a pre-amp workshop, plus rovers who bring their setups along for show-and-tell.  And to quench your thirst, there will be hospitality rooms with refreshments and good company.   Again, visit that 2013conference website link for the full scoop.

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