Big, Big Net — WB9LYH Has 32 Check-Ins Last Night

  5pm Thursday

  WB9LYH’s emailed net report simply said, “Lots of Midwest propagation”.    I’d say!

  Here’s the 32 check-ins:  N9OLT and KA9BXG EN64;  K8IHY and W8KX EN72;  W8SOL and KT8O EN71;  N9GUU, N9NMS, KB9PSE, N9LAZ, N4PZ, W9EWZ and KC9CLM, all EN52;  K9CT EN50;  AB9QH EN62;  KC9RIO and N9JBW EN61;  N9OJH EN63;  N9HLL EM69;  W8MIL EN74;  K9WKW EN43;  W0ANH EN47;  W9XA EN51;  KB9BJH, WD9BGA and WB9TFH EN53;  N9ISN EN44;  WA9BNZ EN40;  N8PUM EN66;  KA0JW EN34 and KG0SJ EN22.   There was also a WB9CTY in the email, but that call didn’t check out  on   Whoever that was, thanks for checking in.  If someone has the proper call, let me know and I’ll correct it. 

   Want to welcome 2 new calls to the net.  N9HLL and KT8O.  Hope you’re enjoying 2m SSB.  Last night must have been a really good one.  It’s a pleasure to type up net reports like this, even with my main rotor on the fritz.   

   Remember that Thursday nights feature the Q5 net called by N9JBW, John, from EN61, south side of Chicago.  Friendly net, with lots of check-ins and good range.  The Q5 net is on every Thur at 7pm central on 144.220.  As John likes to say, “Check it out!”

One Response to “Big, Big Net — WB9LYH Has 32 Check-Ins Last Night”

  1. Al N9ISN Says:

    Todd, the N9IXN is a busted call. Should of been N9ISN EN44. Mark really had his hands full and did a super job.