I’m Back. Will Have Several Posts in the Next Few Days

   1:45pm Monday

   We’re back from vacation and I’m getting caught up. 
                 Just wanted to say hello and put down a few notes …

    1)  Looks like the Aug UHF had good rover activity, but not many home stations got on.  
   2)  I’ll have net reports from Aug 7th and 14th up before Wed., hopefully.  I know the 144.240 net was off on Aug. 21st because of widespread thunderstorms in WI. 
   3)  I assume that WB9LYH will call the 144.240 net on Wed, at 0100Z, as usual.  I’ll confirm this in a later post
   4)  Looks like there’s been some long-haul tropo events.  These are almost guaranteed to happen when I go away on an August vacation. 
   5)  W0UC has already created a Google spreadsheet for you to post your ARRL September VHF contest plans.  (Sept. 14-15th)  I’ll share that link in a separate post. 
   6)  My main rotor remains dead.  One fellow who climbed up there saw nothing obviously wrong, so the concern is that it’s something inside the rotor itself.

2 Responses to “I’m Back. Will Have Several Posts in the Next Few Days”

  1. Bryan Leenheer, KD8LDX Says:

    Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  2. kc9bqa Says:

    Thanks Bryan for the kind words. We celebrated our 30th anniversary with 5 nights in St. Louis, highlighted by a Heart concert on Sat. the 17th. Goodness — Ann and Nancy Wilson can still bring it! Just had a fantastic time, and it was great not worrying about the markets, the computer, emails or updates to this website.