Nearly Every Ham Has 6m and/or 2m. So Try a VHF Contest!

   8:15pm Monday 

   One last post about the ARRL VHF Contest this weekend. 

   Need to remind VHF’ers everywhere that the September ARRL VHF Contest is this weekend.  

   In the central time zone, it starts at 1pm Saturday, Sept. 14th and runs until 10pm Sunday, Sept. 15th.  All bands 50 MHz and up are in play.  Remember that much of the contest activity takes place on the 2 most-popular VHF bands — 50 and 144 MHz.  Even if you’re just a casual VHF’er, you want to be on board for the contests because so many signals will be on the air.    In the contests, you will hear many stations you may not hear at any other time.  You do not “have to be in the contest” to enjoy the activity.  Everyone is welcome.  

   Don’t know much about VHF Contesting?  I can help.  I have a series of articles I wrote a few years back called VHF Contesting School.  I wrote these with the goal of getting any ham comfortable with calling “CQ Contest”.  The link to all the articles is here:    

   I’d appreciate it if you’d share this info with hams everywhere.   The VHF contests can always use more activity.

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