September ARRL VHF Contest is This Weekend (Sept. 14-15th)

  8pm Monday — 

  Back on August 28th, I posted well ahead of time about the ARRL VHF Contest coming up.  I want to refresh VHF’ers memories and make the post again.  
   For as well as nets have been going in the past 3-5 years, the contests have really gone downhill.  I’d estimate participation in the Midwest/Great Lakes is about 60-70% of what it used to be.  That’s probably being a bit generous, actually.  The last years I recall being truly busy in a non-June contest were 2008 and 2009.  The slide started in 2010 and every year since then has been quieter.   The only exception is the June contests, where the 6m guys really perk things up.  Where are all the guys with stations for 50, 144, 222, and 432 MHz? 
   Check out the Google spreadsheet where Midwest/Great Lakes stations are invited to post their plans.  That spreadsheet is here:   Please respect W0UC’s wishes (he creates these spreadsheets, I’m just the messenger) and only post your plans if you are within about 300 miles of WI.  More info is available at the Aug 28th post about halfway down this front page at  

    My point is that here we are, the contest 5 days away and less than 15 stations have posted plans to be on.    So if you care to contest this weekend, take 2 minutes and type your call and bands into the spreadsheet.  Rovers, please post your plans as well.  (The spreadsheet has separate tabs at the bottom for fixed stations and rovers.)  Then tell all the VHF’ers you know to get on this weekend.  Hopefully the bands will have some periods of enhancement, like they have for much of the past few weeks. 

   Stay tuned for one more contest post from a veteran who is doing something to stir up more activity.

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